Style Essentials: #2 JEANS
Style Essentials: YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR
#2 Jeans

With jeans, we’ll never go out of style.
With jeans, we can never go wrong.
With jeans, we’re comfortable with ourselves.
With jeans, we’re not alone.

Friday's designer: Zuhair Murad
He is a Lebanese fashion designer. He was born in 1971 in Beirut, Lebanon. Shortly after high school, he moved from Beirut to Paris where he obtained his degree in fashion.

In 1999 Murad made his first appearance on the catwalks of Rome with an acclaimed collection that led to his participation in the Italian calendar. In 1995, Murad opened his third head shop in Beirut. His extensive lines encompass haute couture, ready-to-wear, accessories and eyewear. Plans to expand the fashion line are underway to include beauty products, perfumes, swimwear and lingerie as well as furnishings.

He also designed Miss France’s dress Chloé Mortaud for Miss Universe 2009 and 5 dresses for the final of Miss France 2010.
Not to mention many celebrities have been seen wearing his dresses for awards and special occasions.

Happy girls are the prettiest.
Audrey Hepburn once said, ”Happy girls are the prettiest.”
Style Essentials: #1 WHITE TOP

Style Essentials: YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR
#1 White Top

I bet everyone has at least one piece of white top in the wardrobe. This is the most common style essential piece. You can simply dress it up super fancy or dress it down super casual according to your preference and occasion demands.

This is our new theme project and will be continue on every Mondays. Please look forward :)

It's Dior, darling.
Make me a fragrance that smells like love.
by Christian Dior
My boyfriend is a superhero.

I’ll be your Wonder woman if you be my Superman. 

by Unknown

Friday's Designer: Massimo Giorgetti
MSGM is a fashion brand born in 2009 and created by Massimo Giorgetti in partnership with the Paoloni Group.

He was born in Rimini in 1977. Fashion was an early passion to him. After high school leaving qualification in Accounting he first started working for the most important boutiques in Riccione and in show rooms distributing international brands.

In addition to this MSGM and Massimo Giorgetti are celebrated as one of the best revelation of the year 2010 by “Who’s on next” contest sponsored by Vogue Italia.

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