Friday's Designer: Francisco Costa


It’s one of the most recognized fashion brands in the world. Klein started his company in 1968, a coat shop with childhood friend Barry Schwartz.

By the early seventies, he was designing award-winning womenswear and lingerie collections and he’d made the cover of Vogue. A decade later, the brand became known as much for its pioneering marketing and advertising campaigns as its minimalist fashions: Brooke and her jeans, Kate and her Obsession, Mark and his tightie-whities.

Klein sold the company to Phillips-Van Heusen in 2003, and his Brazilian protégé, Francisco Costa, was appointed creative director of women’s. Today, Costa is the label’s most visible face, and his collections have been well received by both critics and the industry. Italo Zucchelli helms menswear, and Kevin Carrigan oversees the sportswear and retail line of Calvin Klein and ck Klein as well as the licensing arms.