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This is the last #throwbackthursday

Hello everyone,

This is the last update as I will relocate to Philippines so I will stop updating this blog for unspecified period of time. 

Thank you for all of your love.

xoxo, Ching


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Do the thing your fear most and the death of fear is certain.
Easy Peasy: Throw-and-Go Dresses
Wardrobe Staple: Denim Jacket
Run away with me!
Yep, they're in. The one-piece!


One-piece swimsuits are super hot right now. You are not only wear them to swim but also for casual outing.

The Hottest Trend of 2015: Culotte


If you could pick just one amazing trend that stands out in 2015, which one would it be? We’ll def. go for CULOTTE! Its flattering hemline and versatile shape has won over us many times!

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